Cleveland Tree Coalition: Strategic Planning RFP

The Cleveland Tree Coalition is excited to release an RFP for our first Strategic Planning Process. The Coalition is currently in a place of catalyst momentum with the hiring of its full-time inaugural Director, Samira Malone, whose role will raise awareness around the critical need for a Robust tree canopy in Cleveland and generate financial and legislative support for the work of the Coalition. In addition to being a full-time Director, there has been a great deal of interest and significant investment in urban forestry over the last several years on the local, state, and federal levels.

The goal of the CTC strategic plan is to work with an experienced and innovative consultant who can help identify and prioritize investment and actions needed to keep our organization on track over the next 3-5years as we work toward achieving the tree canopy goal outlined in the Cleveland Tree Plan. We accept proposals from October 12th 2022-November 11th at 5 pm EDT. Below is the RFP.

Cleveland Tree Coalition February 22′ Grant Awardees

Through NOPEC’s Energized Community Grant program, the Western Reserve Land Conservancy (WRLC) and the Cleveland Tree Coalition (CTC) were able to plant and maintain over 700 new trees in many of Cleveland’s low-canopy neighborhoods from 2020 – 2021. Based on a 2019 study, the City of Cleveland lags behind most NEO suburbs and Cuyahoga County (37.6% canopy) with only 18.9% tree canopy coverage. In addition, the City of Cleveland has so few trees that its boundaries can be seen from satellite images.

NOPEC is committed to helping the City of Cleveland in this reforestation effort which provides shade, acts as natural air conditioning for neighborhoods, sequesters carbon, and contributes to the Cleveland Tree Coalition’s target of increasing Cleveland’s tree canopy cover to 30% by 2040. NOPEC is pleased to provide needed support to the WRLC and CTC for this critical mission of reforestation of the “Forest City” through ongoing planting and maintenance initiatives. 

This year the Cleveland Tree Coalition has awarded $311,564 in grants to CDCs and local non-profit organizations for tree planting and maintenance within the City of Cleveland. Organizations receiving funding include:

  • Cleveland Neighborhood Progress
  • Famicos
  • MidTown CDC
  • Monroe Street Cemetery Foundation
  • Old Brooklyn CDC
  • Organic Connects
  • Slavic Village Development
  • Northwest Neighborhoods CDC
  • Western Reserve Land Conservancy’s Reforest Our City Program 

CTC is preparing for the next round of grant funds, and the application will be available from August 15th- September 5th. Organizations are eligible to apply for up to $50,000 for planting and maintenance.