Free trees through the Cleveland Community Canopy program

Cleveland homeowners, get a free tree for your home! Check out Cleveland Community Canopy, a program to help you choose where to plant trees on your property for maximum energy savings. In fewer than 10 minutes, you can pick a tree, choose where to plant it, and have it shipped straight to your home.

Order your tree here:

Cleveland Community Canopy is made possible by the Arbor Day Foundation and The Cleveland Tree Coalition, with financial support from Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, the Cleveland Climate Action Fund, and private donors who contributed to our campaign on IOBY.

Planting on private land will be an essential part of growing Cleveland’s urban tree canopy cover from 19% to 30% by 2040. Trees around homes help reduce the energy your home requires; they also add to your property value, reduce your carbon footprint, improve air quality, and more effectively catch stormwater runoff. Trees you plant are a gift to you and your community. The Cleveland Tree Coalition is proud to provide you with 1 free tree. In fewer than ten minutes, you can reserve your free tree, which will be delivered straight to your home. Trees are 1–3 ft tall, in a 1-gallon pot; you can choose from up to 5 species.

For questions or assistance with ordering your tree, please email Sandra Albro,