2020 Cleveland Tree Canopy Progress Report

The Cleveland Tree Plan, released in 2015, provided recommendations and actions to (1) recognize trees as critical infrastructure; (2) reverse the trend in canopy loss; and (3) assume full stewardship of the tree infrastructure in the City of Cleveland.

This 2020 Tree Canopy Progress Report:

  • Reviews progress in implementing the 2015 Cleveland Tree Plan.
  • Utilizes the 2019 Cuyahoga County Urban Tree Canopy Assessment data to evaluate the current state of Cleveland’s urban forest and highlight changes in tree canopy between 2011 and 2017.
  • Updates calculations on the benefits of Cleveland’s urban forest based on the most recent models and research.
  • Updates the socio-economic and public health framework for neighborhood canopy action.
  • Provides new recommendations to help reverse the canopy loss trend in Cleveland.

Key Findings

  • The Cleveland Tree Coalition’s (CTC) membership has grown from 5 to over 40 members since 2015.
  • The organizations that make up the CTC Executive Committee are working together to identify solutions to Cleveland’s canopy challenges.
  • Cleveland lost 5% of its tree canopy cover from 2011 to 2017 continuing the trend in canopy loss. If this trend continues the city’s tree canopy cover will fall to 14.8% by 2040, well below canopy levels of other cities in the region.
  • The 5% loss in tree canopy has led to a 6.3% reduction (over $3.1 million) in cumulative tree benefits.
  • Tree canopy in Cleveland currently provides $11.4 million in quantifiable services to the community each year – or $29.40 per person.
  • To meet the canopy cover goal of 30% by 2040 would require the planting and successful establishment of 28,400 trees per year.
  • Awareness of the connection between healthy canopy and a thriving community is at an all time high, as evidenced by investments made by the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County and other partners in revitalizing tree canopy cover.

Download the Full Progress Report

Cleveland Tree Coalition. 2020. Cleveland Tree Plan: 2020 Tree Canopy Progress Report. Kent, OH: Davey Resource Group. 42 pp.